Bel-Cypher Pro Specifications Page

Power Voltage 120Vac 60Hz
Power Capacity 9A
High Tension Generator 100kHz
X-ray Tube Voltage 60kV to 80kV (1kV step)
X-ray Tube Current 2 to 8mA (1mA step and R’10 series)
Exposure Method Manual
X-ray Tube D-052sB (Toshiba)
X-ray Tube Focal Spot 0.5mm
Total Filtration 2.5mm AI (minimum)
Radiographic Mode Panorama (Adult, Child)
Panoramic Bitewing (Adult, Child)
Exposure Time Panorama: 10 sec
Panoramic Bitewing: 4.6 sec
TMJ: 2.5 sec. (x4)
Magnification Ratio Panorama: 1.2 to 1.3
Panoramic Bitewing: 1.2 to 1.3
TMJ: 1.2
Image Receiver CMOS Digital Sensor
Beam for Patient Position 3 Beams
Dimensions Width: 850mm (33-1/2″)
Depth: 1,135mm (44-2/3″)
Height: 2,275mm (89-1/2″)
Weight Approximately 231 lb (105 kg)