Quolis® 5000

Our Flagship Chair - Exceptional Craftsmanship - Unsurpassed Quality

The Quolis® Q-5000 chair has a sleek, refined appearance.  This sophisticated chair incorporates a seat positioning system that gently glides patients into treatment position. Quolis™ chairs are comfortable from the moment your patient is seated.  Unrestricted clinical access with unparalleled comfort.  The thin and narrow backrest design allows doctors and assistants to work comfortably and efficiently.

5 Year Warranty

  • Fingertip Seat Rotation
  • Double Articulating Headrest
  • Rotating Armrests
  • Enhance Your Patients Sense of Ease with Gentle Seat Movement
  • Integrated Armrest Touchpads
  • Esthetically Pleasing and Durable
  • Experience the Result of 85+ Years of Design Expertise and Craftmanship

X-Calibur V – Bel 50

The X-Calibur™ dental chair carries forward the Belmont traditions of excellence in reliability, durability and patient comfort.

Articulating dual axis headrest, Dual membrane chair controls, multiple styles and configurations and of course industry leading quality.  This chair has been in production for many years, resulting in decades of trouble free performance.  Add the excellent price point of this chair, it is a win/win decision for the dental team.

5 Year Warranty

  • Adjustable & Removable Slings
  • Dual Membrane Chair Controls
  • Mount Your Belmont Delivery System
  • Dual Axis Headrest
  • Perfect Positioning & Operator Access

Pro III 047

Offering a wide range of flexibility that aligns with your needs.

Upright chair positions patients in an ideal posture with their feet on the floor for accurate assessment of jaw relationship, obtaining accurate occlusal records, JVA, TENS and Jaw tracking. With the patient at this position, the mandible assumes a natural position for diagnostic evaluation and the precise fabrication of corrective devices to restore TMJ balance. A more consistent bite record can be maintained for each patient.  Also great for older patients for entry and exit.

5 Year Warranty

  • Easy Patient Entry and Exit
  • Efficient Use of Space
  • Transforms from a plush executive chair to a comfortable dental lounge chair in seconds
  • Formed Upholstery
  • Swing-out Armrests
  • Extending Legrest
  • Accurate Diagnostics
  • 220 Degree Rotation
  • Double Articulating Headrest
  • Aseptic Hands-free Control
  • Unparalleled Operatory Versatility

X-Ray Chairs

Economical space saving chairs designed for dental x-ray procedures.

Why purchase a full package for smaller procedural operatories when we have a full line of X-Ray and procedural chairs.

5 Year Warranty

  • Hydraulic Pump or Motor Base
  • Seat Lifts from 22" to 29"
  • 360° Swivel with Rotation Lock
  • Sturdy 22" No-Tip Base