Bel-Cypher Pro

Delivering powerful digital imaging solutions with superb diagnostic quality exposures!


Sharp Imaging

Produces industry leading crisp diagnostic quality panoramic (adult & child), lateral (4) TMJ, and bitewing images while reducing the amount of X-Ray dosage by 30% thanks to the super sensitive Hi-Resolution CMOS sensor.

Multi-Mode Bitewing / TMJ

For interproximal caries detection, the bitewing imaging mode is especially useful for obtaining images from patients that experience “gag” reflex with sensors or film holders used in traditional intraoral imaging methods.

Tomosynthesis Mode

Tomosynthesis mode can compensate many positioning errors by selecting the best image from 31 layers (30mm range). Allows selection of the clearest image even though a patient’s dentition is off in the anteriors or left or right in the posteriors from the standard orbit.

Accessible Controls

Intuitive clean surface control panel allows easy operation.

Simple Positioning

3 bright red laser beams are used to simplify the alignment of patient Frankfort, mid-saggital & focal trough planes for accurate imaging.

Adjustable Height

Automatically adjust x-ray height to accommodate different patients at the touch of a button.

Simple GUI

Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows users to quickly and easily select exposure settings with the click of a mouse.

Image Enhancing

Image Brightness, contrast, gamma and edge enhancement are adjustable through the Bel-Cypher Pro’s Graphical User Interface.

Adjusts with Patient

Panoramic orbit can be adjusted for anteriors and right/left posterior teeth regions repsectively, correcting anterior position errors and rotated image acquisition for each patient.


Pushbutton control automatically adjusts x-ray head height positioning to accommodate different patient heights.


Power Voltage 120Vac 60Hz
Power Capacity 9A
High Tension Generator 100kHz
X-ray Tube Voltage 60kV to 80kV (1kV step)
X-ray Tube Current 2 to 8mA (1mA step and R’10 series)
Exposure Method Manual
X-ray Tube D-052sB (Toshiba)
X-ray Tube Focal Spot 0.5mm
Total Filtration 2.5mm AI (minimum)
Radiographic Mode Panorama (Adult, Child)
Panoramic Bitewing (Adult, Child)
Exposure Time Panorama: 10 sec
Panoramic Bitewing: 4.6 sec
TMJ: 2.5 sec. (x4)
Magnification Ratio Panorama: 1.2 to 1.3
Panoramic Bitewing: 1.2 to 1.3
TMJ: 1.2
Image Receiver CMOS Digital Sensor
Beam for Patient Position 3 Beams
Dimensions Width: 850mm (33-1/2″)
Depth: 1,135mm (44-2/3″)
Height: 2,275mm (89-1/2″)
Weight Approximately 231 lb (105 kg)




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