Quolis® 5000

Our Flagship Chair - Exceptional Craftsmanship - Unsurpassed Quality


Fingertip Seat Rotation

You can easily unlock the seat and with your fingertip rotate your patient 30° left or right of center.

Double Articulating Headrest

The double-articulating headrest allows you to easily position the patient’s head for excellent access to upper and lower arches while maximizing patient comfort.

Rotating Armrests

Armrests rotate outward 130° from the forward position to provide unhindered patient entry and exit from the chair. Soft, upholstered armrests add to patient comfort while they are seated.

Enhance Your Patients Sense of Ease with Gentle Seat Movement

Patient positioning begins and ends with smooth motion. Internal motion control design provides shockless movement to ease patient anxiety.

The reclined patient can be positioned anywhere between 15 3/4 inches and up to 32 inches from the floor. This allows you to adjust the seat height to minimize stress on the operator and maintain a good working posture.

Integrated Armrest Touchpads

Touchpad controls are integrated into the armrest castings on both sides of the chair and are highly visible and easily accessible. Hygienic membrane controls are used for adjusting seat positioning, selecting pre-set seat positions, Auto Return for patient dismissal and to unlock/lock seat rotation. Built-in safety switch locks/unlocks all seat positioning functions.

Esthetically Pleasing and Durable

Internal routing of delivery system tubing through the chair results in a clean, streamlined appearance and unclutters the operatory floor space.

In order to provide maximum ruggedness and durability, the bases of the chair and the tapered junction box are cast aluminum.

Experience the Result of 85+ Years of Design Expertise and Craftmanship

Quolis 5000 chairs are comfortable from the moment your patient is seated. The chair utilizes a mechanism that provides synchronization of the backrest and seat motion. Patients will not need to slide back in the seat, as they are supported comfortably during rotation into the reclined position. A thin backrest is designed to improve your access to patients without getting in your way.


Power Consumption AC120V 1A
Frequency 60 Hz
Fuse Value AC125V 10A
Control Voltage DC5V
Table Unit Net Weight 25 kg
Swing Arm Net Weight 25 kg (Without Dental Light)
Vacuum Pack Net Weight 20 kg
Junction Net Weight 7 kg
Doctor Table Maximum Load 2 kg (Gross weight of the doctor table are 8kg or less, the spring of the balance arm can be adjusted.)
Operating Pressure Water 0.2 MPa (30 psi), Max 0.28 MPa (40 psi), Air 0.5 MPa (75 psi)


Quolis-5000 chair-specs1

Quolis-5000 chair-specs2


Extremely Comfortable Memory Foam Double Axis Headrest

Our extreme comfort double axis headrest upgrade cradles your patient in luxurious memory foam and offers an even larger range of motion and height adjustment. Spend less time adjusting your patient for comfort.

This headrest is quickly becoming our “have to have it” accessory by every doctor that’s tried it.

Separate Foot Control

Aseptic hands free operation of all movement plus the 4 pre-set programs.


Seamless Upholstery with Wide Backrest (QSW)

Our QSW or Seamless Upholstery with Wide Backrest makes cleaning our chairs a breeze while providing comfort for your patients of any size.

Plush Upholstery with Wide Backrest Available (QPW)

Our QPW or Plush Upholstery with Wide Backrest provides a luxurious look and feel while offering your patients the ultimate in comfort.

Seamless Upholstery with Slings (QSS)

Our QSS or Seamless Upholstery with Slings offers easy cleaning and support for your patients arms with a thinner chair back.

Plush Upholstery with Comfort Slings (QPS)

Our QPS or Plush Upholstery with Comfort Slings offers support for your patients arms with a thinner chair back and the luxuriousness of our Plush Upholstery.

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Available Upholstery Colours

  • Ultraleather Lagoon