Evogue – Q3300 Chair

Belmont Craftmanship provides years of trouble-free use


Adjustable & Removable Slings

Our Adjustable and Removable slings offer easy cleaning and configuration.

Mount Your Belmont Delivery System

Standard chair adapters are used for mounting your existing Belmont delivery system to a new Q3300 Evogue chair.

Dual Axis Headrest

Dual axis headrest re-positions the patient oral cavity to view the upper and lower arches without the need to change the backrest position.

Perfect Positioning & Operator Access

Patients can be positioned for treatment as low as 13 3/8″ or as high as 28 3/8″ to help you to work ergonomically while the thin backrest design permits close access to the patient.

The seat also rotates 30° left and right of center to accommodate different working styles and to maximize access to intraoral x-ray systems.

Armrests swing out for patient entry and exit from the chair.