X-Calibur V – Bel 50 Chair

The X-Calibur™ dental chair carries forward the Belmont traditions of excellence in reliability, durability and patient comfort.


Adjustable & Removable Slings

Our Adjustable and Removable slings offer easy cleaning and configuration.

Dual Membrane Chair Controls

Our dual membrane chair controls are accessible from both sides of the backrest giving both the Doctor and Assistant access to seat and backrest controls. The sealed membrane surfaces are easy to clean.

Programmable positioning by foot and backrest controls.

Mount Your Belmont Delivery System

Standard chair adapters are used for mounting your existing Belmont delivery system to a new X-Calibur V dental chair.

Dual Axis Headrest

Dual axis headrest re-positions the patient oral cavity to view the upper and lower arches without the need to changing the backrest position.

Perfect Positioning & Operator Access

Patients can be positioned for treatment as low as 13 3/8″ or as high as 28 3/8″ to help you to work ergonomically while the thin backrest design permits close access to the patient.

The seat also rotates 30° left and right of center to accommodate different working styles and to maximize access to intraoral x-ray systems.

Armrests swing-out for patient entry and exit from chair.


Lifting/Lowering Mechanism Hydraulic, Cantilever type
 Initial Height/Stroke 15.5″/15″
Backrest Reclining Angle 0° (Horizon) – 70°
Seat Tilting 10° – 20°, synchronized with backrest
Preset Position Microcomputer control w/One (1) Preset position & Auto-return
Chair Rotation Angle 30° Left / 30° Right of centerline
Headrest Dual axis type
Safety Shut-off plate Under the main link
Emergency Stop Any switch can cancel chair movement


X-Calibur chair specs-3

X-Calibur chair specs-1 

X-Calibur chair specs-2

X-Calibur chair specs-4


Extremely Comfortable Memory Foam Double Axis Headrest

Our extreme comfort double axis headrest upgrade cradles your patient in luxurious memory foam and offers an even larger range of motion and height adjustment. Spend less time adjusting your patient for comfort.

This headrest is quickly becoming our “have to have it” accessory by every doctor that’s tried it.

Chair Mounted Touchpad

Optional chair or unit mounted touchpads provide the operator with additional access to seat and backrest positioning controls.


Smooth Wing – BEL-50NSW

Smooth Sling – BEL-50NSS

Wing Plush – BEL-50NWP

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Available Upholstery Colours

Click the link to view the online sample sheet. Samples of Colours are available upon request.