Pure Daylight - Brilliant Design - Heaven Sent

Bel-Halo LED touch less dental lights produce cool, 5000 K natural light for correct tooth shade matching and for differentiation of soft tissue.

Long Life bulb expectancy of 40,000 hours, it is unlikely a replacement will ever be needed. Low power consumption and no heat generation add to long term savings and patient comfort.

With 10 LED’s at 32,000 LUX, gives brightest illumination available, with  virtually no shadowing.  Touch-Less on/off switch and composite mode.  A light weight head with fluid 3-axis light head positioning system.  Optional patient mirror.  From a design and functioning perspective, it doesn’t get better than Bel-Halo.

5 Year Warranty

  • Ideal Colour Rendering
  • Composite Safe Mode
  • Brightness Distribution
  • Intensity Adjustment
  • Fluid Positioning
  • Touchless Activation
  • Shadowless Illumination

Clesta LED

Value Priced - Excellent Performance

The Clesta LED touch less operatory light perfectly blends the technology of the award winning Bel-Halo LED operatory light with the proven results.  With 5 LED’s, provides 28,000 LUX, colour corrected light at 5000 K.  Light weight with smooth triple axis head movement.  Touch less switch and composite mode.  Dimmer switch for the exact brightness you need.  A lot of bang with your buck here without sacrificing performance.

5 Year Warranty

  • Exact Brightness You Need
  • Positioning Flexibility
  • Shadowless Illumination
  • Correct Colour
  • Easy on the Eyes
  • Touchless Activation
  • Long Life
  • Economical Operation