Shine Brighter, Work Better, Last Longer


Composite Safe Mode

Composite mode setting operates with two lights set to shine true mid-day light color rendering slowing down curing time.

Intensity Adjustment

The Bel-Nova offers multiple lighting options for better balance with natural light up to 28,000 Lx of light in a perfect oval shape.

Touchless Activation

Bel-Nova operation is sensor activated, so it is not necessary to look away from the patient to operate the light. Touchless ON/OFF and composite Safe Mode activation are done without ever contacting the light.

Easy Cleaning

The detachable light cover makes cleaning easier, pairing with touchless technology keeping your practice more sanitary.

Brightness Distribution

Six bulb pattern focuses more light into the patient’s oral cavity, giving doctors a better view

Track Mount option

Ceiling Mount option


Light Source 6 LEDs
In Treatment Mode  
Central Illuminance 3000-28,000 lx
Correlated Color Temperature 5,000 K
In Composite Safe Mode  
Central Illuminance 9,000 lx
Correlated Color Temperature 2,700 K
Standard Irradiation Distance 25.59″ (650mm)
Pattern Dimensions 3-3/8″ x 6-1/8″ (85 mm x 155 mm)
Operation Touchless sensor
Intensity Adjustment Stepless rotating knob
Head Positioning Rotation of head at three axis


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