i-Quolis FLEX Continental Delivery System


The table top and positioning

Large tabletop working surface keeps your instruments and materials within your operating zone. Tabletops may be rotated 190° right to left. Push-button switches are conveniently located on each positioning handle to lock/unlock the balance arm position.

Centralized Control

The LCD control panel &  digital display are in a highly visible position on the side of the Doctor’s Table. With the touch of a finger, you can adjust the seat position, micromotors, and many other functions.

Digital Display

The I-Quolis delivery system has been significantly upgraded throughout with new LCD digital touch control. This new interface has been designed to improve efficiency and reduce stress during treatment. When a handpiece is chosen and picked up, the screen displays only necessary information, helping the practitioner concentrate on treatment.


All seat positioning controls are located within easy reach on the Assistant’s Instrument Swing Arm.

Adjustable Height

Assistants can adjust holder height to position instruments where they can be most easily accessed.

Cuspidor Section

There are 3 lock-free rotation axes’ that give you the flexibility to position the cuspidor where you want it. The assistant instrument arm is height adjustable and has multiple rotation points, so the instrument holder can be conveniently placed. Cuspidor is also available without an assistant instrument arm.

Water Supply System

Bottled water systems supply handpiece and syringe water for all I-Quolis delivery systems. The bottle quick connect/disconnect feature permits bottles to be changed quickly and easily. (Kits for connection with city water supply are optional)



PDF Brochures


Available Upholstery Colours

Click the link to view the online sample sheet. Samples of Colours are available upon request.