Pro III – PRO III 047 Chair

Offering a wide range of flexibility that aligns with your needs.


Easy Patient Entry and Exit

For ease of egress the Pro III is like no other Dental chair. The patient simply sits down from the front or side without swinging their legs over the toe board. This is especially convenient for elderly or disabled patients.

The Pro II can be rotated in this position to face the practitioner with the patient sitting up normally for a more relaxed consultation.

Efficient Use of Space

The compact footprint of the Pro III in the upright position takes less space and allows better access to the front of the chair.

The straight lift base does not go forward as many chairs so it maintains this smaller footprint even as it goes into recline.

Transforms from a plush executive chair to a comfortable dental lounge chair in seconds

This versatile chair transforms from a plush executive chair for diagnostic evaluation to a comfortable dental lounge chair for treatment in seconds with a touch of a button.

Formed Upholstery

Comfortable cushions with integral lumbar support are available in durable Duration vinyl as standard or luxurious Ultraleather as an option making the Pro III easy to clean.

Swing-out Armrests

Armrests swing out yet are sturdy enough to support a patient’s weight for when assistance entering or exiting is needed.

Extending Legrest

The toe board extends from the swing up leg rest at the touch of a preset switch, allowing even patients over 6 feet tall to be supported as in a dental lounge chair.

Accurate Diagnostics

Upright chair positions patients in an ideal posture with their feet on the floor for accurate assessment of jaw relationship, obtaining accurate occlusal records, JVA, TENS and Jaw rtracking. With the patient at this position, the mandible assumes a natural position for diagnostic evaluation and the precise fabrication of corrective devices to restore TMJ balance. A more consistent bite record can be maintained for each patient.

220 Degree Rotation

Effortless rotation of 110 degrees each way lets the Pro III be positioned for convenient patient entry, relaxed face to face consultation, patient education at a computer monitor or examination at multiple directions.

Double Articulating Headrest

A simple press of a button lets you position the headrest wherever needed for optimal patient support and comfort.

Aseptic Hands-free Control

Conveniently located foot control levers operate the 4 Pre-sets in the center and Manual positioning at each side.

Unparalleled Operatory Versatility

With the Pro III’s small footprint and extreme versatility, you can have an extremely efficient practice with multiple uses in a very small space.


 Lifting / Lowering mechanism Hydraulic with Backrest Synchronized Tilting
Initial height / Stroke 18.5″ / 28.5″
Backrest reclining angle 0° (Horizon) to 70°
Seat tilting 0° – 20°, synchronized with backrest
Chair rotation angle 30° left / right of centerline
Armrest rotation 90° outward
Preset position Microcomputer control.
One (1) Preset Position & Auto-return
Headrest Articulating Dual Axis type
Mode of Control Foot Switches (Joy stick)
Emergency stop Any switch can cancel chair movement
Rated Voltage AC 120V / 60Hz
Weight 330 lbs







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Available Upholstery Colours

Click the link to view the online sample sheet. Samples of Colours are available upon request.